Is there a need for us to further evolve within?

The evolution of the earth and life is subject to its own laws and time frame. No further inner evolution, on our behalf, is required in order to serve life and its events. It does not expect us to change and develop a different potential or being and become more conscious.
The world and life are perfectly equipped to feed us with plenty of food, in the form of events and external impressions, to keep us busy and engaged until we die, without anything needing to change or evolve. So through life and our external world, we only evolve up to a certain point and from then onwards it is down to our own effort, if we want to change and become more conscious.
The possibility to evolve further within and develop a different being depends on very special circumstances. We have to be at the right place at the right time in our life and need to be sufficiently prepared to even recognise the signs pointing us towards that possibility. We can’t take this possibility for granted.
And the only reason that most people can’t evolve and develop a different being even when it is offered to them on a silver plate is because they simply don’t want to change.
Abstract of 'Inside Meditation - in search of the unchanging nature within' by alexander filmer-lorch
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