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A matter of Mind and Being

If we look into the idea of the expansion of consciousness, the closest thing we can relate it to, particularly on the physical level, is the rising and falling away of our breath. As we can find scale within our breath cycles, similarly we can find almost infinite scale in consciousness. Both work within an ascending and descending motion, if we look at it from a vertical scale point of view.


"In silence there is eloquence, stop weaving, and watch how the pattern improves" - Rumi

Meditation - the revival of an ancient Star

‘Meditation’ is the new shooting star on the yoga horizon. It has been turning into the newest trend and it is set to become the number one interest of a very wide audience. No wonder the great popularity of this ancient modality has been picked up by the tabloids as the next ‘must do’ tip, as well as being extensively featured in many zeitgeist magazines.