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Thoughts on Identification

There are two different kinds of identification. We can identify an object like a tree, a person or a chair without attaching any connotations to it, as well as identification can be seen as a psychological process whereby the subject imitates and assimilates an aspect, a property or an attribute of the other and transforms wholly or partially after the model the other provides.

The necessity of a Teacher

There is a strong preconceived idea - deeply engrained in our western way of thinking - which triggers our imagination due to our lack of knowledge, which has largely been fed by what we have read in the press or what we might have observed in friends or colleagues who are followers of different far eastern belief systems.

Back at work with a thought on Identification

Finally, the manuscript of the book is completed and has found its way to the editor who will have a go with it, before it will be back on my desk for further improvements, which takes us to the theme of identification. Identification can be defined in two ways; on the one hand we can identify an object such as a chair, a tree or a person, like I became thoroughly identified with the process to completing the manuscript.


There are two different kinds of ideas. Common ideas and great ideas. Common ideas are produced by ordinary life to serve our way of life well and are freely available to everybody in large quantities.