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Thoughts on Change

We all know that everything in this creation is subject to change. The whole universe including organic life on earth is constantly changing and evolving under the laws of nature and the different universal laws. Yet when it comes to actual change regarding our own personal dynamics in life or true change in our own state of being, we are dealing with a different matter.

A note on silence

The most powerful teachings take place in silence. Sitting in the presence of a silent mind awakens ones own inner silence. This inner silence produces a very distinct and recognisable sound. The sound of spaciousness. Only the sound of spaciousness brings stillness into being and being into consciousness.

Thoughts on Consciousness

The most honest expression of oneself as a conscious being is through the sum-total of ones actual experience. At a particular moment in time the amalgamation of that will form a substance called Gravitas. "Substance of Gravitas" is free of any artificial flavour and does not require any glitter to shine.

Facing the unknown

To be faced with the unknown is a powerful, yet challenging place to be in. Each day when I sit in front of a blank page and am just about to start writing, the unknown meets me. I feel its presence when it has entered the room.