The Scale of Stillness Practice

Our first Dharma talk is all about how to access and utilise our ‘Inner Sense’, starting with the external world of experiences and our five senses, our proprioceptive sense, as well as ‘Interoceptive Awareness’ and its role in the stilling process.

Starting Point

During our second Dharma talk we are exploring the different kinds of breathing, the breath cycle and its role as a powerful reference point in mindfulness, meditation and stilling practice.

Accessing the Deeper Levels of the Breath

The third Dharma talk focuses on the ancient idea of Pranayama practice, its use and application in modern day life, and how it can take us much deeper into the subtleties of our breath. Additionally, we want to experience how pranic breathing acts on our body and the mind and prepares us for mindfulness and meditation practice.

Rooting & Containment Meditation

In our fourth Dharma talk we are kick-starting our enquiry into the movement of consciousness, by combining two meditations that take us to a greater sense of inwardness and centredness. 

The Inner Power of Stillness

The Inner Power of Stillness is a comprehensive guide for people working with people. It provides practical knowledge that will revolutionise the way practitioners help others.

Inside Meditation

A contemporary practical guidebook to the theory, practice and application of the science of meditation, philosophy and Eastern psychology that aims to demystify the process.