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Please read some of the comments from our clients and students we received over the years

What I have appreciated most from my experience on the Inside Meditation Teacher Training course has been the space for individual creativity and learning. In today's world, meditation and spirituality are evolving and there is no longer a need, or in many people a desire, to follow a strict path or a particular religion. This course has adapted to that evolution and offers a path to training as a meditation teacher which embraces many different techniques, methods, philosophies and teachings but ultimately emphasises what is true or alive in each of us. The course offers a path of personal growth as well as a path to gaining a great and worthwhile qualification. Alex is a brilliant teacher and mentor who cares deeply about the participants on the course and their evolution. He was consistently dynamic, energetic and inspiring. Jennifer Ellis, the pranayama teacher on the course, was really excellent and inspiring too.

Elaine Q - Meditation Teacher  

My 15 months spent with Inside Meditation, were truly the most rewarding and the most revealing months I have had in a long time. The whole experience has been amazing, where growth and transformation took place, giving light to a wonderful process of change, within my life, but even more within my inner self. Alexander is one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I have ever met, guiding you through the process of Meditation and this very unique journey, always with enthusiasm. In addition Jennifer, with her profound knowledge of the Pranayama's practice, really transmits her passion, giving you the drive to open new doors. I would highly recommend this course, to anyone willing to become a Meditation Facilitator with a contemporary approach.
Thank you to all the Inside Meditation Group! 

Cristiana C -  Meditation / Movement Teacher 

Alexander's meditation teacher training is all that it promises and much much more. As a yoga teacher, Alex has given me many numerous of tools, in the form of theoretical knowledge and loads of tools in the more practical application of the work (i.e. meditation techniques). Alex has provided me with many new ideas, how to apply this beautiful work to my clients.

Through this meditation teacher training, I embarked further into my inner- journey through meditation and Pranayama, which has allowed me to delve deeper and deeper into my core existence. I have developed a much greater understanding of myself and have a more grounded understanding of our human nature, and why we should share these pearls of wisdom. This work is vital for our current busy lifestyles, if you don't want to teach it, then do it for yourself!

I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Samira S - Yoga / Meditation Teacher

The Inside Meditation course has given me some excellent insight and information to better understand mediation in itself. The course has also provided me with a really good understanding of stress management and the language and tools to discuss, support and manage stress within my teams more effectively. I think this will help me be a truly empowering and supportive team leader. 

Anji C - IT Consultant & Yoga/Meditation  Teacher

"Very quickly there is an atmosphere of complete trust, safety and confidence with Alex. His treatment is set with a clear intention for the best possible outcome. The clear new energy I have experienced has helped me beyond measure both in my daily life and in relationship to others. Relationships between myself, my self-esteem and my extended family members has completely transformed creating a new harmony and defined boundaries. Alex's work and the manner in which he works, with his unique qualities lead to liberating outcomes improving one's life."

Gillian G -  Author 

"Alex's work enables you to go very deep beyond all your defences to see the real truth so you can release any obstructions to love and union." 

Carmel G - Author of 'Letting Go & Loving Life'; 'Soul Energy'; 'Wake up Mum - drugs are stealing our children'  

"It would not be an understatement to say that "The Work" I have shared under the guidance of Alex Filmer-Lorch has been nothing short of life-changing - to every aspect of my life and being. It has changed the way I see the world, changed the way I see myself, changed the way I treat myself and others.... 

When I think back to how things used to be I wonder at how I managed at all, and I thank the powers of the universe that brought this incredible work, and no-less incredible facilitator that is Alex, into my life."

Katie C - Nutritionist / Yoga teacher / PR consultant

"At times I did not realise how my way of being has shifted, as it is very subtle. However, discussing the events that happened in my life afterwards with Alex, he explains them with absolute clarity, relating occurrences and my responses, I thought were random, to the meditation technique I have just been practicing."

Franziska R -  Dance/ Pilates / Yoga Teacher  

"It has been a privilege to have been a recipient of the teachings imparted by Alex who in turn has continued to unveil the wisdom and knowledge of his teachers in a most profound, yet personal way. Freely given to those who have been true seekers, Alex has directed each of us toward the light within us, that is our inner essence. Through his pragmatic teaching of the work we have, through our shared endeavours, revealed the loving presence of the eternal, unchanging nature within. This unveiling of our inner reality through meditation has been a process of love made visible, facilitated by Alex and gifted to us through Grace."

Jennifer E - Yoga / Meditation Teacher 

"Learning meditation has been both the hardest and the most natural thing I have done, it's up there along with learning to be a good Mother and maintaining a loving partnership. Alex has been there from the beginning, he has been an inspiration and a comfort that it's worth persevering, even through the hardest of times.

Alex encouraged me when I felt that I could no longer go on, he supported me when I needed that reassurance that it was OK to cry, he gave good council when I was uncertain. Most of all Alex was there to share the wonderful moments and teach me how to remember the times of joy and happiness that learning the art of meditation has brought to my life." 

Tracey M - BSc. MRICS (retired), Pilates Instructor

"I feel so blessed to have found a meditation teacher as gifted and insightful as Alex at a point in my life when I was seeking spiritual guidance to build a deeper awareness of my inner potential. Alex's teachings helped me develop the tools I now use on a daily basis to both ground me in challenging situations and elevate me to another plane when observing myself and being a compassionate listener.  Alex has a unique ability to take big ideas and compress them into tiny grains of wisdom that you can carry with you for the rest of your life."

Kate L - Yoga Teacher 

"Alex leads by example. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. He has thoroughly researched, implemented and experienced the processes of meditation from both Eastern and Western perspectives. His ability to communicate his experiences clearly and with passion is admirable. One always leaves his presence refreshed and with a different outlook on life situations. We are very much looking forward to his writings and continuing this journey with his teachings."

Pashenka G and Nick C - Yoga Teachers