Accessing your 'Inner Power of Stillness'
Our short but in-depth workshops cover the latest techniques and theories across a range of themes and practices like 'working from the insightful self', the mindful ptactitioner, applied Eastern philosophy, ancient psychology and universal teachings, compassion centred facilitation, utilising the unknown in life and at work, a move towards coherence, how to self-study, developing therapeutic presence, demystifying mindfulness and meditation practice, manifesting stillness-memory.
Our workshops and CPD trainings are not based on any particular belief system but rather use neutral language centred on respect for each individual. We will encourage you to develop your own inner resources to enable you to grow and evolve at your own pace.
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States of Awe Series 1: Time

How can yoga affect your perception of Time? Attend this workshop and through guided practice of yoga and meditation you can move beyond experiencing time moment-by-moment to a state of timelessness; in which your mind is free from expectation, stress and anxiety.

States of Awe Series 2: States

This workshop will help you to let go of obligation and the barriers created by life. The meditative practices will encourage your mind to enter a present state – no longer hooked on past negativity or concerned about upcoming deadlines.

States of Awe Series 3: Space

Learn How To Facilitate Change Through An Awareness Of Space; This workshop is focussed around our awareness of space and how we can use it to facilitate progression and positive change within the way we live.